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Creating a New Landscape

Had a wonderful creative time in Jan Hollins' Landscape Class at the Welcome All Quilt Club meeting. It’s always fun to learn a new technique especially from a patient teacher.

Jan Hollins with her class sample.

I love landscape quilts although I have only made one (probably too busy making red and white quilts). For me, landscapes are a good way to just let my creativity flow. They are hard to mess up as long as you have a good selection of fabrics. After all, no two landscapes are exactly alike.

Rugged Solitude is my only landscape quilt although the technique was a little different. It was created using Cindy Walter's snippet method. She has published several books.

Rugged Solitude, 41 X 36 inch landscape quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2018. NFS.

Working only from a picture, the quilt is created using only tiny snippets of fabric fused together with Steam A Seam 2.

My inspiration picture for Rugged Solitude.

Fun! Fun! Fun! 👧🏾🌅🖼🙏🏾

Cindy Walter Class photo, Chicago, 2018.

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