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I Believe in Angels on High Exhibits at Atlanta Quilt Festival

Updated: 6 days ago

This year at the Atlanta Quilt Festival I will showcase my love of angels with my quilt I Beleive in Angels on High The exhibit runs from August 2 - September 8, 2024 at the Southwest Arts Center, 915 New Hope Road, South Fulton, GA 30331. Although my quilt will celebrate angels, the two Festival exhibits showcase over 100 quilts representing all genres and techniques. You will surely see many quilts that you like. It is free and open to the public. Take a selfie and send it to me while you are there.

Some people say panel quilts are cheater quilts, but I love panel quilts. Every quilt does not have to be a masterpiece, although I have made my share of what I consider personal masterpieces. It’s okay to make a quilt simply because it brings you joy, or peace, or happiness, or affirms a strongly held belief.

Thank you Atlanta Quilt Festival for creating a welcoming space for ALL the quilts.❤️


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