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Introducing I Believe in Angels on High

Updated: 2 days ago

I truly believe in angels, both heavenly and earthly. I believe I am surrounded by my angels and the more the merrier. That is why I am very intentional about adding angels to my quilt collection.

The latest addition to my angel quilt collection is I Believe in Angels on High. Isn't this a beautiful scene? I was so drawn to it that I knew I had to make it part of my quilt collection.

The panel is so beautiful that I did not want to overwhelm it with other fabrics. I settled on adding borders that are designed to carefully blend in with the panel. I colored her face brown with a permanent marker so that she would look like me.


My friend Maxine Moore carried out the theme of the quilt with a snowflake quilting pattern. I added sparkle to the quilt by adding light blue crystals to the background.

The back of the quilt is a blue African village print. Whenever possible, I add African fabric to my quilts. Here, the African village print introduces the concept of ancestry into the quilt. There is a hanging sleeve on the back for easy display and a label that documents the quilt.

I signed it on the front and added an angel charm.

Keep your angels close.😇

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