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Introducing “Whispers From My Angels #3”

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Whispers From My Angels #3, 20x21 inch hand quilted art quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2021. For sale.

I float through life knowing that my personal better angels are looking after me. They make me show up and be my best self. That is what inspired this series of 8 quilts I named “Whispers From My Angels.”

Whispers From My Angels #3 word detail

Whispers From My Angels #3 is a mini quilt that measures only 20 x 21 inches. The “angel words” say “Like a Butterfly I ‘m growing and changing,” It’s a good reminder that change is good.

Whispers From My Angels #3 panel detail

The center of the quilt is a panel with the words surrounded by somewhat muted flowers and butterflies. The name of the panel fabric is “Sing Your Song.” I framed the panel in a gray print and ended the quilt with a bright green solid border and a bright green African print that adds boldness to the subtle panel.

Whispers From My Angels #3 hand quilting detail

I hand quilted “Whispers From My Angels #3” and bound it in a scrappy border of two different prints. I used what I call the chicken scratch stitch in the green borders. The stitch is a random big stitch done with Perle cotton.

Whispers From My Angels #3 button detail

I embellished the quilt with the word angel in black sequins and added an angel charm near my signature. The charm is engraved with the words “Angels watching over me”. I brought the subtle flowers to life by adding buttons, and I made the butterflies light up the sky by adding crystals to their wings.

Whispers From My Angels #3 back

Of course there is angel fabric on the back to carry out the theme of the quilt. There is a hanging sleeve for easy display and a label that documents the quilt.

Whispers From My Angels #3 angel charm and signature detail

I signed it on the front. This quilt is one of a kind.

Detail from back of Whispers From My Angels #3

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