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Quilt Cruise

A quilt cruise has long been on my bucket list, and now I have finally taken the plunge. Sponsored by the Stitchin Heaven quilt shop in Quitman, TX, I sailed for 7 days on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. My daughter India and my best friend Rosalind were my travel mates.

Class instruction occurred on days at sea. We had the option to make one or both of two quilts. The first wass a pattern named Flying Free by Sherri Noel. It is an easy quilt with big pieces so it goes together fast.

The second quilt pattern was Changing Ways by Marilyn Foreman. I think it has more pieces than the other quilt, but the layouts for the quilt seem to be endless.

I am hard at work.

We had the option to purchase kits for the quilts or you could buy the pattern and bring your own fabric. I chose to buy the kit. It was just easier for me.

Rosalind with her first block.

Although there was structured class time on the first two days, there was a lot of open sewing time available. The room and the sewing machines were open 24 hours a day. We sewed on Bernina sewing machines.

It was fun to quilt at sea, but in hindsight working on two quilts took away too much time from the fun aspects of a cruise. There is a lot to do and see on a cruise ship. If you are okay with not finishing, it works.

India helped out by drawing diagonal lines.

Look for two new quilts soon. I did not finish either quilt on the cruise, but I think I will finish them now that I am home.

Quilt cruise: ✅

P.S. The Stitchin Heaven tote bag is beautiful, and it had lots of goodies in it. 👜

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