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RIP Faith Ringgold. Your legacy is secure.

Like many others in the quilt world, I am celebrating renowned story quilter Faith Ringgold’s uncommon legacy that will last forever. I am so grateful that she received her flowers while she lived which is rare in the art world.

I met Faith Ringgold briefly at the High Museum of Art. I purchased a print of her work which she signed. That print along with another print of her art has hung in my home for 24 years.

From left to right, India Kleeman, ME! and Brittany Hervey wearing our Faith Ringgold vans.

I bought all of her books. In 2020, I purchased 3 pairs of Faith Ringgold vans for my daughter India , niece Brittany and me. We proudly wore them to the Atlanta Quilt Festival.

The words she wrote on the vans really spoke to me because my mother always said the exact same thing: “You must work twice as hard to go half as far.” The vans are cute and the words are still true.

So I feel like I have lived with Faith Ringgold’s creativity and wisdom for 24 years. I am comforted that she lived to know how many lives she impacted including my own.

Faith Ringgold received her flowers while she lived. October 8, 1930 – April 12, 2024.

RIP Faith Ringgold. Your uncommon legacy is secure. 🕊️🙏🏾❤️

Uncommon Legacy, 72 X72 inch applique quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2009.

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