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What’s On My Design Wall?

Arranging some “Sensuous Secret Garden” blocks on my design wall. I appliqued the blocks by hand.

I always keep several quilts in progress. That way I can match the quilt with my mood and energy level. Luckily, I had several quilts in progress when Quiltfolk Magazine showed up at my home to take pictures for an upcoming feature in the magazine.

Doing some piecing on Jessica Janome.

I usually piece on my machine Jessica Janome during the afternoon. She is positioned under two skylights in my studio so the lighting is very good. I try to wind down each day with hand work. This may be hand quilting, hand applique or attaching the binding by hand. I like to be fresh and focused when I am cutting out a quilt so I usually cut in the mornings. I like to feel free and artistic when I am embellishing a quilt so I pick a day with no to-do tasks and no deadlines.

Hand quilting “Floating Flowers:

I send my large quilts to my friend Maxine Moore to be quilted on her long arm machine. The anticipation I feel wondering how she decided to quilt my quilt feels like Christmas. Because we have quilted together for over 20 years, she knows my likes and dislikes. Unless collaboration is needed on a special quilt, I leave it up to her to choose the quilting design and thread color. She never disappoints. But while I wait for Maxine's magic, I work on new quilts.

How do you schedule your quilt life?

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