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Behind the Scenes at the Long Time Coming Exhibit Installation

Installation of my red and white quilt exhibit was creative and fun. I was determined to have quilts hanging from the ceiling, so my trusty quilt installer Eric, who happens to be my son-in-law, came to the rescue. Armed with a scissor lift, he braved the stratosphere to make his mother-in-law happy.

Once it was all done, I was happy to climb into the scissor lift for a fake, "I installed this exhibit" shot for the Gram.😂

I worked hard on that scissor lift. The things I do for the Gram!😂

You have to show up to learn what and why we were installing in the ceiling. Curator Tisha Smith did a great job directing quilt traffic from the floor, and I can honestly say it is going to be a beautiful, happy exhibit (not that I am biased or anything).

Curator Tisha Smith directs the ceiling installation. Eric readies the scissor lift for his next hanging assignment.

The exhibit opens November 19th and runs through January 13th. It is presented in partnership with the South Fulton Institute.


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