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Favorite Fabric Marker

I absolutely love hand quilting. It relaxes me and gives me time to think.

To make the experience even more special I buy beautiful hand crafted thimbles from Thimbles For You and aromatic candles from Page Turning Products. However, there is one part of the process that I do not enjoy. I HATE marking!

Recently I found a fabric marker that I love for my light colored fabrics. It is the Self-Erase Marker by Select.The ink goes on easily and then within a few hours it disappears. It’s magical! If you need the ink to disappear sooner, there is an eraser at one end of the marker that instantly takes it away.

Although I am an Amazon Influencer (check out my storefront at, I have not found this product on Amazon. I purchased mine from Alex Anderson’s The Quilt Show at $7.19, it is definitely worth it.

Below is my most recent hand quilting project. It was a commissioned project to turn vintage Dresden plate blocks into a quilt. As you can see, no markings anywhere. 😀


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