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Introducing the Abundance of Africa

The Abundance of Africa, 40 X 49 inch quilted wallhanging by O.V. Brantley, 2023. For sale.

The Abundance of Africa is the 9th quilt in what has turned into my “About Africa” series. First I made The Joys of Africa. I liked it so much I made The Beauty of Africa, The Drum Beat of Africa, The Adventures of Africa, The Romance of Africa, The Hope of Africa, The Heart of Africa, The Wonders of Africa and now The Abundance of Africa. I have so much African fabric, I may never stop!

Like the other quilts in the series, The Abundance of Africa is a quilted wallhanging composed of a wide variety of African fabrics. I added trim at the bottom and lots of buttons to make the quilt more abundant. It measures 40 x 49 inches.