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Praise Team Praising

February is a good month to return to creating red and white quilts for my solo exhibit of red and white quilts opening November 19, 2022. The new quilt on my design wall is tentatively named Praise Team Praising. I have made these ladies before after adapting them from a greeting card. I love the movement of their bodies. Making them look beautiful in all red, however, is a challenge.

I am also using this quilt to return to the apliquick method of applique. After all if you don’t use it you lose it. This method uses special rods to make turning the appliqué fabric easier and a fusible stabilizer. The scissors are cute and sharp, but not really necessary. The company also sells its on glue, but I use whatever I have on hand. The links to the supplies are on my Amazon Storefront.

Stay tuned for future updates. #foundonamazon


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