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Happy Belated Birthday Brittany!

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Brittany, India and I at the International Quilt Festival preview night. “A Star Among Stars” in the background.

Brittany is my niece (like a daughter) and my personal media relations assistant for my quilting activities and the Atlanta Quilt Festival. On her birthday November 1st, instead of me surprising her, she surprised me at the airport and joined me for Preview Night at the International Quilt Festival.

India, Brittany (right) and I at the Atlanta airport headed to Houston.

In the midst of the excitement of arriving in Houston to see and share my Long Time Coming exhibit, I forgot to officially wish her a Happy Birthday.🎂

India and Brittany ready for Preview Night at the International Quilt Festival.

If you have seen or read about my Long Time Coming exhibit, you know there are seven angels in the exhibit that honor my family. Brittany Angel is one of those angels. She is truly one of my everyday angels.

Brittany Angel, 23 X 28 inch red and white angel quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2022. Embroidery and machine quilting by Maxine Moore. NFS.

Happy Happy Birthday Brittany! I love you!❤️


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