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Introducing Justice Warrior

Justice Warrior, 63 X 79 inch African art quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2023. Gifted!

Justice Warrior is a housewarming gift for Seth, my friend and former co-worker. We both worked together for the Southern Poverty Law Center for a short time when I served as its Interim General Counsel. I have fond memories of Seth calling me, usually on Mondays, with his latest idea of how to stamp out hate and make the world a better place. I try to capture those memories in Justice Warrior.

Seth is complex so I chose a complex palette of an array of African fabrics as the background. I then appliqued the words 'justice warrior" onto the quilt in red letters. The words are intended to be subtle and blend into the background because Seth would never broadcast all that he does to effect change. The words “SPLC” and “fight” are also appliqued into the background along with other encouraging words sprinkled throughout the quilt.

The back of the quilt is a black and white print which continues the theme of the social justice quilt. There is a hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt for easy display and a personalized label that documents the quilt. I added a printed signature label to the front of the quilt and a charm with the word “imagine”.

This quilt is one-of-a-kind as is my friend Seth.


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